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"Life trumps work. Careers, waxing and waning, and you see everybody struggle to deal with that green-eyed monster, 'success'. How much of your soul do you give up? You get to the point where you kind of stop wanting to meet with your heroes: they have feet of clay. The things that give me the most happiness are my wife and my kids. That's what life is all about. The other stuff is just for... shits and giggles."
—Tim Kazurinsky

Tim Kazurinsky is an actor, screenwriter, Saturday Night Live alumnus, and performer from the Police Academy series as Officer Sweetchuck.

In the early 80s, Mr. Kazurinsky played iconic characters on SNL, like Jack Badofsky on Weekend Update, Mr. Landlord, Gandhi, Hitler, and even a chimp's husband in "I Married a Monkey". As a two times Jefferson Awards and Bafta Awards nominee, Tim's experience on live stages started with the Second City in Chicago and goes on to these days as the Wizard of Oz in Wicked's itinerating company—and with the Broadway play "An Act of God". He is the screenwriter of the movie About Last Night, and shared screen and stage with John Belushi, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Bill Murray, Sharon Stone, and more.