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We evolve as we get older. We lose friends, associates, relatives, family. And you realize: enjoy every moment that you can, during our short time here.
—Thomas Thorson

Thomas Thorson is a landscape architect and urban designer interpreting the physical world to interconnect people in an urban environment.

Through the creation of parks, plazas, bridges, and the thoughtful shaping of streets and landscapes, Mr. Thorson's focus is to no just see urban architecture as concrete and buildings, but as the space in between them to empower every human being to fully live their lives eliminating the friction between the rapid pace of the daily routine, Sweet, necessary, and mindful contemplation of life. He serves on the Board of Directors at the Cliff Dwellers Club, an historic and iconic arts club in downtown Chicago that can count in its early members list, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and landscape architect Jens Jenson.