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This is an exclusive look at the definitive version of Space Channel 5 VR from VRLA 2018 and a profile interview with Mineko Okamura about her life and career. Okamura-san is the CEO of Grounding, an independent video-game company based in Japan and currently developing the virtual reality sequel to one of SEGA’s most successful and bizarre games ever: Space Channel 5, a visionary music game first released in the late 90s where Ulala, a space news reporter in the 25th century, saves humanity by defeating evil aliens through dance moves and singing, sometimes even helped by Michael Jackson as Space Michael. As one of the few executive women and entrepreneurs in a male-dominated videogames industry, before founding her own company Okamura-san worked on many legendary SEGA games and developers like Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s REZ, a musical shooter inspired by Kandinskji’s work as a painter.

What’s New in Space Channel 5 VR

Here is a brief recap of what Okamura-san, CEO of Grounding Inc, and Sakuma-san head of PR, shared about Space Channel 5 VR:

  • The Arcade version is finalized. Total duration: 15 minutes. Okamura-san explained that this is the perfect duration for arcade because the game is intense just like a workout.
  • There is a new move called “Pose”. It will help Ulala’s share go higher if you strike a pose at the right time.
  • The only confirmed version for now is HTC Vive and Arcade, with potential PSVR, Gear VR, and Oculus coming later. Console versions should also be playable just with a joypad.
  • The game uses 4 strap motion controllers, positioned on ankles and wrists.
  • The storyline is entirely new with new songs coming together with some old songs. Okamura-san confirmed Mexican flyer.
  • No word on Space Michael’s presence.
  • Classic locations like the Space Port will be present and completely redesigned in 3D.
  • Ulala will sport a new contemporary design focused on upgrading her looks without losing the traditional retro-futuristic style.
  • Okamura-san called many of the people who worked at the original Space Channel 5 (and Part 2) to create this new episode in the Saga.