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We come out in many different ways as humans, not just like as LGBT people but like the human race, we have to come out as a political party and come as a certain religion.
— Jonathan Mayo

Jonathan Mayo is the artist and creator behind Cleaning Closets, an oral history project that collects and shares true coming out stories from every sides of the closet door, both from the perspective of LGBTQ people as well as the family and friends they come out to.

Mr. Mayo’s goal is sharing all the points of view so they can help us find common ground and make the coming out process easier for everyone involved. Through stage plays, a web series, photos, and a film documentary, Jonathan hosts panels in schools around the country to reach out with honesty and courage a diverse crowd spanning around all ages, genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations to work as a catalyst towards a more empathic coming out process. You can read, listen, and watch all the stories he collected on