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Our lives are only as precious as they are to us, really. We can try to talk to other people about it, but we can’t ever really, fully connect with about it—because they’re not us. It’s the universal human experience.
— Jason Rohrer

Jason Rohrer is an independent artist and developer using videogames as his artistic medium.

His early creation “Passage”, an experimental game where the protagonist can focus on either accumulating wealth or enjoying companionship until death, is part of the New York’s MoMA permanent collection. Jason’s code delivers experiences with the goal to make players not just have fun but think, feel, and shift perspectives about life itself. He and his spouse practice a voluntarily simple existence, baking their own bread every other day and supporting their family of five with the donations from his independent work. His latest creation, One Hour One Life, is available both ready to play and as open source code to download on