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Porn actors: despite all the validation that they get, they still remain so fragile. What being in porn, close to fetish and trans communities has shown me is that all of these people derived so much strength from their differences.
— Jack Vidra

Gourmet chef and porn star with a military background, Jack Vidra is a model working in the adult entertainment industry nominated as Best Newcomer for the 2017 Grabby Awards, celebrating the adult erotic video industry.

Featured in movies from hothouse and tyrant studios, Jack has recently published an essay titled ‘Do something that scares you’, where he shares his pat h from joining the Marine Corps to becoming a chef and then an adult worker; a process that guided him to discover a better and more accept himself, able to appreciate the differences that make each one of us unique, physically and emotionally. His strength does not come just from the body, but through the body, it lets the soul grow and improve.