A list of conversations and guests by release order. For a reverse chronological list, please visit the episodes page. You can also subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, RSS, and all your favorite podcast apps.

0001 David Pasquesi
0002 Dominic Pacyga
0003 Cathy Pearl
0004 Jason Rohrer
0005 Charna Halpern
0006 Jonathan Mayo
0007 David Dewane
0008 Jack Vidra
0009 Luca Badetti
0010 Kelly Leonard
0011 Mineko Okamura
0012 Lisa Wagner-Carollo
0013 Adrian Danzig
0014 Dave Hoover
0015 Danielle Feinberg
0016 Nate DuFort
0017 Anne Libera
0018 Neal Sàles-Griffin
0019 Thomas Thorson
0020 Ali Barthwell
0021 Jake Shapiro
0022 Dakota Conduct
0023 Ashley Ray
0024 Byron Reese
0025 Jen Ellison
0026 Linnea Gandhi
0027 Cody Gough
0028 Scott Robbin
0029 Tim Kazurinsky
0030 Melissa McEwen
0031 Mark Larson
0032 Susan Messing
Advanced Tips

Guest pages are accessible through a simple URL-scheme. Just visit 2343.org/name-lastname. I.e. For David Pasquesi, visit 2343.org/david-pasquesi.

A (randomly updated) mirror of the audio files published via RSS is mantained on https://simonesalis.com/projects/2343/ and available for direct download.