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David Dewane is an architect and journalist working to create a better world through design and social change serving as Community Director of Archeworks, and formerly as the editor in chief for Impact Design Hub, both dedicated to expanding the role of design in society in order to create better social environments.

He knows that architecture is not just form and function, but also and more importantly, a tool to improve the fabric of society. Mr. Dewane also founded the Mouse Book Club, a project that thanks to a successful kickstarter campaign, aims to replace a commuter’s smartphone with classic novels, speeches, essays, and poetry through phone-sized, 48 pages long books to enrich minds by sharing meaningful literature.

We got to a point, in our consumption of information, where we go back to the same comfortable sources. Again, and again, and again. What I’m interested in, is to make you uncomfortable, so your awareness goes up.
— David Dewane