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"What I see in America is this anti-intellectual move away from thinking. That's something that I could, perhaps, find a way to make a podcast about. Taking people smarter than me (that's the key). I don't podcast to make the Cody Gough show, I podcast because I want to tell people something, or I want to help people communicate, or entertain them."
—Cody Gough

Cody Gough is a radio host, producer, and audio editor. For over a decade he worked as a producer and content creator with WGN Radio, GonnaGeek Network, and Mr. Gough's skills help shows to take shape and become even more successful while he works with hosts like Spike O'Dell, Brian Noonan, Nick Digilio, Steve King and Johnnie Putnam, Milt Rosenberg, and Pete McMurray. He hosts the award-winning, daily podcast and Game/Life Balance U.S., a lifestyle show.

Cody has such diverse talents—both technical and artistic—that it's hard to categorize him given the different roles and how easily he adapts to different projects to make the most out of them. You can find more about cody listenting to his daily show on